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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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salute to troops. past and present members of our armed forces honored on this veterans day. it's veterans day... and people around our area are honoring those who've served in the military. pete zervakis explains how the tradition of doing so continued this morning at wisconsin lutheran high school. veterans filled the gym here at wisconsin lutheran high school so that students could say: "thank you." music and
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yearly tradition here at wisconsin lutheran. this veterans day ceremony is organized by students - like anna grepo. all these people are so willing to serve and honestly it's such a blessing to be able to serve them and say thank you for one day anna and her classmates invited more than 300 veterans into their school. they served them breakfast... and showered them with appreciation. that god for these men and women willing to sacrifice everything they're the biggest blessing our nation can ve the theme of this year's ceremony: remembering the korean war. music/national anthem 90-year old glenn dormann fought in it with the u-s army. he was wounded three times... and now appreciates veterans day: we have a tendency to forget - and it's good we're reminded regularly dormann shared his story with students. hoping they'll remember this message: if you've gone through this sort
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see every day who've been there done that and it's very tough the veterans day ceremony here has now been running 23 years. at wlhs pz tmj4 dohrmann was a rifle company commander in the korean war... and earned a silver star... purple heart... and medal of honor nomination for his more than 130 restaurant chains are saying "thank you" to our nati's active military members this veterans day... with freebies and deals.ihop is offering free red, white and blue pancakes until to seven tonight. chili's, hooters, applebee's, bob evans and olive garden are each offering a free meal from special menus...longhorn steakhouse is offering a complimentary appetizer or dessert.. and guests dining with a veteran today will get ten percent off their get the deals... be sure to have your military i-d or proof of service! did you know that-- veterans day was once known as
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armistice day was acknowledged on november 11th 1919. a sw wind was gusting to 30 mph yesterday, but high temps warmed into the mid 60s. milwaukee broke yet another record high temperature at 66 degrees. unfortunately, another cold front moved in overnight, and the wind shifted to the north with lows in the 40s. today will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with more clouds near the lake and an isolated sprinkle thanks to a ne wind gusting to 25 mph as highs struggle to
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anger on the streets -- amid transition in washington. demonstrations are playing out across nation again -- running well into this morning. this -- as the transition from one administration to another gets underway in the nation's capital. reid binion reports. protests... continuing for a second day thursday... demonstrators donald trump's election victory -- hitting the streets on both coasts......and in the country's midsection... from new york... "black lives matter! black lives matter" los angeles......and up the coast to portland -- where police declared that the unrest had become a riot. "you're all acting like donald trump!"-- taking to twitter, writing in part quote, "professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair!"that tweet -- coming just after trump's rather pleasant
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washington.trump -- meeting with president obama at the white house."very good man, very good man."the president elect -- also stopping at capitol hill......meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell... and house speaker paul ryan.trump's day in washington marked the start of the transition his team looks at filling top white house and cabinet positions.some of the names being national committee chairman reince priebus for chief of staff...former house speaker newt gingrich for secretary of state......and former new york mayor rudy giuliani for or attorney general.... also -- trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway......tight- lipped when asked what position she might fill. "can you say what white house job you have been offered?" "no, i can't - that's between president elect trump and me at the moment."i'm reid binion reporting. with just over two months until the inauguration, expectations for trump's first 100 days in office are on the minds of wisconsinites. rural and urban voters say they expect healthcare and appointing a new supreme court
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you take something away and don't put something in its place we could have riots like oakland everywhere." "i think much of affordable care is a good idea. i would hope we will get to a point where we can try to fix our healthcare system so we don't pay so much." immigration reform is expected to be another controversial topic as trump has suggested mass deportations and building a wall along the border. almost 100 students staged a "die-in" at u-w-la crosse to protest the results of the presidential election.students laid on the floor in a main campus hallway with signs criticizing trump and voicing support for people of color, the l-g-b-t-q community and women. a court hearing this afternoon for the two girls accused in the slender man stabbing case. morgan geyser and anissa weier have pleaded not guilty due to mental disease or defect in the 20-14 stabbing of another girl in waukesha. both are
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charges, and are being tried as adults. a trial date has not been h-b-o is highlighting the case in a new doctumentary called "beware the slender man". this is your ?first look? at the trailer that was ?just released? by h-b-o. in the film both parents of morgan geyser and anissa weier talk openly about the incident. the documentary will air january 23rd. a franklin man could soon face charges for driving a vehicle into a greenfield home. it happened last night near 9 27-year-old driver jumped a curb and drove through the side of the house. three people were inside at the time.. two of whom were kids. no one was injuried inside. it was crazy i thought my house blew up. it literally shook the whole house. the neighbors heard it, and it shook pictures off that neighbor and that neighbors house off the wall. it was crazy. right now-- police believe the driver ?may have been drinking before the crash. police say once the
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jail. doctors in wisconsin will now be required to get training on prescribing opioids. the state department of safety and professional services just passed an emergency rule requiring 30 hours of training every two years. new guidelines call for prescribing opioids sparingly and avoiding them as a first option to treat pain. the washington park neighborhood is having a health resource fair tomorrow. alderman russell stamper is inviting neighbors to attend the fair. it's happening from 11 a-m vliet. the event will feature a nutritional workshop, blood pressure checks, marketplace enrollment and a free lunch. milwaukee area technical college is having an open house tomorrow at the downtown campus. those who'll attend will learn about more than 165 associate degree and technical diploma programs. you'll also meet with faculty and staff and take a tour of classrooms and labs. represenatives from m-a-t-c's four campuses will share details about programs
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students looking to enroll early for m-p-s high schools-- have one week left. students will have until november 19th to select the high school of their choice for next year. families can complete the early enrollment application online or complete a paper admission form at m-p-s central services, located near 53rd and vliet. still ahead... brewers bobbles. the team out with its list of next season's give-aways...then... holiday savings! the milwaukee rep's a christmas this year. the secret code you need to know to save 20 percent on tickets. before we head to break-- here's another fact about veterans day-- between 1971 and 1977, veterans day was celebrated on the 4th monday in october. it was changed back to its original date, on november 11th 1978 due to general r. ford's signing of
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macy's mayfair and the make-a- wish foundation are launching their annual beleive campaign. today through christmas-- "believers" of all ages can mail a letter to santa at the big red letterbox at any local macy's store or online. for every letter received-- macy's will donate a dollar to the make-a-wish foundation. buy a macc star and help cure childhood cancer. the 2016 today's tmj4 macc star was designed by bailey dove. the theme is "shave away cancer" and features a penguin with dollars and is available at balistreri sendik's food markets and buddy squirrel stores. a chance for our viewers to get a big discount on the holiday classic 'a christmas carol.'the milwaukee's rep is putting the finishing touches on an all new show at the pabst theater this year. the audience will notice the writing is different... as is a new, double rotating set, and new costumes. our susan kim has been honored to be one of the v-i-p walk ons this year... and got fitted for her costume yesterday.
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that's the rights scale to susan's head and also coordinates with her outfit here. this maybe a little bit lively today's tmj4 viewers can get a 20 percent discount on tickets to the show susan appears in... which is friday, december 9th. just use the code 'tmj4' at check out. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... a sw wind was gusting to 30 mph yesterday, but high temps warmed into the mid 60s.
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record high temperature at 66 degrees. unfortunately, another cold front moved in overnight, and the wind shifted to the north with lows in the 40s. mostly sunny to partly cloudy with more clouds near the lake and an isolated sprinkle thanks to a ne wind gusting to 25 mph as highs struggle to
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morning will drop to near 30, making it milwaukee's first freeze of the season, while inland areas will be in the 20s. the afternoon will be sunny, breezy and cool with a high near 50. sunday is still sunny, but the southerly cranks up again and will warm us up close to 60. the sunny and mild weather continues into next week with highs in
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the milwaukee brewers just announced a contract extension with manager craig counsell. this will keep counsell in place at the helm through the 20-20 season. meanwhile... the team just released its schedule for fan starts april 23rd with a jonathan villar bobblehead honoring villar as the stolen base champion after he led the major leagues with 62 stolen bases last year. may 14th you can get a robin yount bobblehead depicting him on a
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couple of 1982 collectables in july. a replica jersey giveaway and a replica of the brewers 1982 a-l championship ring.august thirteenth... it's a bob ueker magic 8-ball... full of his famous ueker-isms. see the entire schedule at tmj-4-dot-com. the packers hoping to get back on the winning streak-- after losing their last two games. they're heading to tennessee to take on the titans on sunday. this will be green bay's third regular season vi is at noon. coming up... recalling thousands of vehicles-- the problem volvo is having with its front passenger seat belt. and -- breaking out the claws-- what this self defense tool is designed to do and the big concern when using this device. here's another fact about veterans day-- arlington national cemetery has ceremony on veterans day every year to honor those who died during times of war. the ceremonies are held around the tomb of
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a couple of recalls to tell you about this afternoon. volvo is recalling about 74- thousand vehicles to fix a problem with the front passenger seat says a buckle stud can come loose allowing the buckle to separate from a bracket. if that happens, the seat belt may not hold a front passenger in a crash. volvo began investigating the problem after it started receiving reports of buckle failures in august. a fire hazard has prompted the recall of thousands of ceiling light fixtures. the recall
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ki mount ceiling fixtures. the 40-watt halogen bulbs sold with the product burn too hot. the fixtures also pose a fire hazard in homes with older wiring, even if used with lower wattage bulbs. a self-defense device being marketed to women. it's called the tiger lady. the device's claws are designed to collect d-n-a from an attacker-- in case the attacker escapes or can't be identified. while it's another tool to defend yourself... although one against you. it against them." "but it's just not going to incapacitate them from attacking you. if it doesn't stop the attacker, the attacker could actually take this weapon and use it against them." "i don't know...i just think the blades or claws could be a little bit longer." self defense experts think the tiger lady's claws could be longer-- but will still be beneficial for some people, especially those who can't carry pepper spray or a handgun. coming up... dressed for
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to school, they don't do very well in the classroom setting. so we're trying to fix that. the new program at a beloit high school that's making sure students have clean clothes.
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there's a new medicare plan in town called network health. and member events like this, are just one way we make medicare person to person. we've been serving northeast wisconsin with a personal touch for more than 30 years and now we're here for milwaukee. call now and learn about plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare,
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and prescription drug coverage. network health. we're person to person. beloit memorial high school has started a new program are dressed for success. the program offers laundry service for students who might not otherwise have access to a washing machine or dryer.jenna middaugh explains. we clean clothes for students who cannot afford to do laundry.loads to success it's a program for students who may struggle with finding a place to do their laundry.what we find when that happens is kids don't often come to school.
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so we're trying to fix that.we give to them but we actually expect them to do better in school and get higher grades other schools around the country run similar programs, but lange believes beloit memorial is the only school that has special needs students in makes me feel like happy and feels like you helping somebody it makes me feel really great because i'm giving back to other people that can't do laundry . those students who use the program are given laundry bags so they're not self-conscious about bringing in their dirty clothes.we want to make sure that it's as dignified for feel comfortable bringing their laundry to us once those clothes are clean, and the students' grades or attendance is up, the special needs students are given a chance to shine by teaching their friends a new skill - how to do their own laundry.i know sometimes the special ed department gets that stigma and we're trying to break that barrier as well to see that our kids are st like them and they can actually teach
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the program is looking for donations such as detergent, dryer sheets and laundry baskets.they're hoping other schools around the country model their programs off beloit memorial's. live at 12:30 is up next-- we'll check today's top happening this afternoon for the two teens accused in the slenderman stabbing. also... trapped. two eagles ended caught in a storm drain. the battle that landed them there... and what it to get
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helping people live healthier lives. call and see why so many medicare beneficiaries choose plans from unitedhealthcare. don't miss your opportunity. medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. ?? thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. a court hearing this afternoon for the two girls accused in the slender man stabbing case. morgan geyser and anissa weier have pleaded not guilty due to mental disease or defect in the 20-14 stabbing of another girl in waukesha. both are facing attempted homicide charges, and are being tried as adults. a trial date has not been set.


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